Album Review: Vintersorg – Till Fjalls Del II

Progressive / Folk Metal

Anyone who has been following Vintersorg for any length of time will already know what this be like and in truth it doesn’t really stray too far from previous efforts, it is still however an absolute treat. Sounding nothing short of epic at any one moment, the consistency of quality across the entirety of the album is astounding. Hedlund’s vocals vary throughout, at times clean and mournful, at other’s heading towards a black metal screech, both complementing the music expertly. The more progressive length of the tracks actually complements rather than detract here, giving each song it’s time to shine and never feeling rushed. The only criticism that could really be levelled is that songs can sound indistinguishable from each other, particularly towards the end of the album. However when the overall quality is this high it’s doubtful you’ll be picking out some songs over others anyway. In fact it’s arguably best as a long player one can simply put on and drift away into the soundscape of. One of the best folk metal albums of the year.

4.5 melancholy fantasy landscapes out of 5


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