Album Review : Next to none – Phases

An interesting release this one, it certainly flips about it’s styling often sometimes even during the same track, but maintains a consistent level of quality throughout. For younger musicians the level of technical skill on show here is extremely high, however songs can feel cobbled together from rather disparate parts, not all of which work so well together, even if they are impressively played. This lack of maturity in the structure of songs unfortunately extends to other areas and at times the vocal style and lyrics can feel a bit like whiny teenagers railing at the world and how they aren’t understood. This would be fine if in a different genre of music but it certainly doesn’t lend itself to lengthy progressive metal and at times during longer songs (and they do get long, the final song clocks in at almost 20 mins) it can get tedious.

This album isn’t a bad listen, but it’s overall lack of maturity may have many reaching for the stop button long before it’s over. As they get older and more experienced we could see some much more impressive stuff coming from this band.

2.5 angsty youngsters out of 5


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