Try some Black Metal with your rally

So after setting off on the first track in dirt rally, a rather realistic in handling and straight up rally sim, it suddenly dawned on me. I was driving a rally specced 1960s mini through the cover of a Winterfylleth album! Of course it was only a matter of time before the ignominious directions man was turned off (theres handy diagrams of upcoming corners anyway) and wonderful pagan black metal was turned on. What a fantastic combination it proved to be.

Suddenly hurtling through the snow in Sweden turned from fiddly stress over sliding tyres into an epic journey through long lost fantasy woods with the simple addition of last years Borknagar album. The surrounding forests in the Finland based tracks became deep cavernous mazes of impenetrable darkness when Waldgefluster or Hyperion was added to the ears. Adding metal to this game feels like your seeing it in the true light it was always meant to be, imbuing each carefully rendered track with loneliness and personality far beyond the screech of your car’s engine included in the regular audio. Driving through a wooded valley in Wales as night encroached along to the Skuggsja masterpiece “A piece for mind & mirror” was truly one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in recent times.

Even if pagan black metal isn’t your cup of tea (although it does seem odd that it would be) try some melodic death stuff instead, I tried Insomnium’s masterpiece concept album “Winter’s gate” along with some fast paced snow based racing and it really hit the spot.

So try it now all you racing game and/or metal enthusiasts. Your experience will be sublime, I can promise you that.




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